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Posted 17-12-2016 Post #25
A fourm for your ship builds for the public, builds matter but its mainly your skill
Posted 17-12-2016 Post #26
Information of best worst parts
NEVER use these capsules:Basic/advanced capsule, basic is the worst of the worst, advanced is basic mk 2 - all its improvements and LOWER than basic hp, for a 3 pixel difference towards the + side of turning and cheap capsule is basic + a tiny money boost which does nearly nothing

The best to use capsules:Heavy capsule mk1(Best armor) Basic capsule mk 2 (Best in general, if your not sure what to put on, put this on)
Light capsule(MASSIVE speed buff)

NEVER Use these Engines:Basic engine (Basic anything sucks)
Use these engines:Scorch engine (Same as basic + a microscopic buff in speed+dmg trail)

Weapons and aux are all equal exept chaingun is for best defense, missle is best rounded, and NEVER use bumpers!
Posted 17-12-2016 Post #27
Basic ship MK 2 (all round improvement to basic ship for those who are lost in creation)
Basic capsule mk 2
Scorch engine
Any aux
Posted 18-12-2016 Post #28
Interesting, I normally go for a speed build. I have a need for speed.

Also I will be doing more balancing eventually and buff some parts here and there so the best builds may change a bit over time.
Posted 19-12-2016 Post #29
So I know this is kind of off topic here... But are capsules earned through winning games only?
Posted 19-12-2016 Post #30
Nvm scratch my previous post
Posted 20-12-2016 Post #31
Haha yeah currently the capsules you see are the only ones in the game. I will be adding more weapons and parts later on that can be unlocked but I have been focusing on bugs and things like that lately.
Posted 20-12-2016 Post #32
How do you unlock new weapons?
Posted 20-12-2016 Post #33
Right now no one can because I haven't implemented them yet. Eventually I will be making some sort of research system or something.

Also feel free to post any weapon ideas you have in the other thread.
Posted 20-12-2016 Post #34
Posted 17-06-2017 Post #117
how do you get new weapons? i am so confused.
Posted 20-06-2017 Post #122
You can register to change out your weapons, but right now there are only two. Still a lot we want to add and fix which is why the game is still in alpha. We want to make stuff easier to understand as well.
Posted 27-08-2017 Post #128
How fast can you make research system?
Posted 28-08-2017 Post #131
Sniper build
battle capsule
gimbaled engine
solar panels
Very hard hitting build.
Posted 28-08-2017 Post #132
light capsule
aerospike engine
reaction wheels
Posted 28-08-2017 Post #133
cheap capsule
armored engine
gatling gun
bumpers(because sometimes when you're on planet enemy can bump into you)
good for building and defending build
Posted 28-08-2017 Post #134
armored capsule 1
armored engine
gatling gun
extra armour
ver hard to kill
Posted 03-09-2017 Post #137
Research system will probably be a while, we also haven't been working on this game lately as we have been busy. All of our projects have been put on hold. We will get back to them eventually though. :)
Posted 18-01-2018 Post #177
hi XD i am new
Posted 14-02-2018 Post #185
i think its really cool that you can costimize and that they all do diferent things. it would be cool if you could upgrade them though
Posted 05-06-2018 Post #211
need to put in a rocked 2 reserch to get more damage and speed of rocked faster but less range. plus fix some of the other gliches like the...(cof)stallmate ending glich.

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