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Pocket Squadron General Thread

Posted 05-10-2016 Post #17
Thread for general discussion, suggestions, and ideas for Pocket Squadron.

Any bugs should not be posted here but through the Contact page or by emailing
Posted 23-10-2016 Post #18
Here is a work in progress screenshot of the new campaign mode.
Posted 19-11-2016 Post #19
Salmonmarine has been hard at work on new backgrounds.

Posted 02-12-2016 Post #22
The update is almost done! Tons of new features, bug fixes, and performance improvements are coming. We have just a few more bugs to fix and it will be out. Hopefully this Saturday it will be released.
Posted 04-12-2016 Post #23
In case you haven't noticed on the blog, campaign mode is finally done.

Posted 07-12-2016 Post #24
So far everyone seems happy with the update, which I am very glad to see. Only complaints so far are with difficulty in Campaign Mode.

So in the next update we will be adding a difficulty selector for that. Along with more planes and possibly more levels. We are also considering adding some Russian planes and even planes that shoot rockets.
Posted 15-01-2017 Post #39
Hey,I have a few suggestions for planes and such.
How about skins for planes you can earn E.G Wings of Horus skin for the Sopwith camel. Perhaps 1000 kills could earn you that specific skin. Also skins could add stats to your aircraft E.G bolster your health... Just an idea. I also had a list of planes that I think should be added, cost and the aircrafts strengths and weaknesses.


Se5A: Very agile and quick but poorly armed. Same health as the Sopwith camel. 250 kills.
Spad.S. VII: Slow and heavy but with good guns and health. 400 kills.
Nieuport 17: Fast and good guns but lacks agility and health. 650 kills.
Sopwith Tripehound: A more agile variant of the Camel with the exact same health speed and guns. Either 2000 kills or 2 USD.
Dh.4: Has a rear gunner and a low damage foward firing gun. A little faster then the Vickers but easier to take down. 500 bombed targets (Yes, I think that ground targets and air targets should have different worths. This prevents take farming on Custom scenario to get high tier fighters.)

First off I think you should be able to play as the Germans. Maybe you could unlock them after 1000 kills in an Allied aircraft. Also have Allied kills only unlock Allied aircraft. Secondly, add these aircraft into the levels please :)

Fokker E.III: Super agile but quite slow and easy to kill. Same firepower as the DR.I. 250 kills

Albatross D.III: Fast and high health. Otherwise same stats as the DR.I. 400 kills
Fokker D.VII: Lacks agility but it makes up for it in raw firepower. 650 kills

Siemens schuckert: Fastest plane in the game with high firepower too. 2000 kills or 2 USD.

I do believe that if you do add more tanks they should all cost money. Getting kills against tanks in tanks is hard.

Mark I. Weaker armour them the mark V but faster.

Renault FT-17. Smaller then both Allied tanks, therefore harder to hit. Also it is much faster then all the other tanks due to it light armour.

Thank you for reading all of this, I look foward to seeing what you do to your awesome game!
Posted 16-01-2017 Post #40
Hey thanks for your suggestions. I like the planes you mentioned we will definitely be adding a few of them soon. I think we are actually adding the Nieuport in the next update.

Also I agree with you on being able to play as the Germans, I want to do that it will just take a little bit of time if we decide to do it.

Thank you for all of the great ideas, I really appreciate it. Thinking of new planes is hard. :)
Posted 17-01-2017 Post #42
No problem, I'm always happy to help, just hit me up :)
Posted 17-03-2017 Post #81
Hi do you know at all when the new update will happen to pocket squad also do u know anything that might be envoved in the new update(i would like to play as the germans but by a certain amount of kills)
Posted 17-03-2017 Post #82
I'm not sure when the update will happen, I have been busy with work. Though I do want the Germans to be playable in the next update, maybe make some German planes available too.
Posted 18-03-2017 Post #83
Cool cant wait
Posted 22-03-2017 Post #84
Finally getting some time to work on the game. Just added a setting to change control size for tablets.

Now working on playable Germans.
Posted 28-03-2017 Post #85
Will there be more levels? I finished all of them and now I find myself wanting more...
Posted 28-03-2017 Post #86
Update to original post:
What if new levels were added for the Germans, because of them soon being playable?
Posted 29-03-2017 Post #87
I do want to add more levels, and I am pretty sure they will be German ones! I also want to do a German campaign.
Posted 28-04-2017 Post #92
The best game ever. Thank you for your hard work.

Morituri te salutant!
Posted 28-04-2017 Post #93
Thank you! Glad to hear that, we worked very hard and want to continue adding cool stuff. :)
Posted 06-05-2017 Post #96
Love your game.
Is it some how inspired by the old amiga game wings?
If not I have a ton of ideas for you.
Posted 06-05-2017 Post #97
Thanks! It was actually inspired by an old DOS game called Sopwith: [url][/url]

Either way feel free to give us ideas. :)
Posted 31-05-2017 Post #104
How to get the assist achievement?
We need to make 100 assists but the count doesn't go up?
Posted 31-05-2017 Post #105
Hmm you should get an assist every time you damage a plane but your teammate kills it. It might be broken and I never noticed, will look into it for the next update.
Posted 19-05-2018 Post #205
I really enjoyed pocket Squadron and the campaign is good beat it twice already and I enjoy fighting but it is ridiculous that you have to pay for the new planes don't think I don't like the game I love thing and the music's good
Posted 30-05-2018 Post #206
I love Pocket Squadron and it has inspired me to try programming. I was just wondering how I view aircraft info (for the 'Historian' achievement).

Can't wait to hear more about future updates,

P.S. Please make the Axis more varied and playable. It would be [u][i]epic[/i][/u].
Posted 30-05-2018 Post #207
Hey zombie, you view aircraft information in the about section.

PS love the game.
Posted 23-06-2018 Post #225
Keep up the good work on Pocket Squadron! Anyways, I was really hoping if you could add a new unit type, and to add more paid planes, because I don't mind purchasing thrm, and I happy to help grow Pocket squadron. I also was thinking of a way to add buildings shown in scenarios and cargo trucks, cause it really adds more in depth look and targets in custom battles.
Posted 24-12-2018 Post #264
Maybe they can deploy infantry? And then they can dig a trench for anti-tank?

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