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Posted 05-08-2016 Post #16
New thread for discussing ideas and suggestions. The game name changed and the old thread is well, old.

Any bugs should not be posted here but through the bug report form in game or the Contact page.
Posted 17-01-2017 Post #41
Development has been slow on RocketBlitz lately, but we aren't dead just busy. Hope to add a fun new gamemode at some point(Space Ball) along with more weapons and bug fixes.
Posted 03-03-2017 Post #73
Hey. I really enjoy your space-style game.

Can you make designate one of your playrooms as a zero-friction space, increased gravity? So I can actually orbit my craft?
That would be awesome, and I imagine, not too much work.
Posted 04-03-2017 Post #75
That is a good idea actually. We used to have zero-friction/drag but people had trouble maneuvering. I think I will add this setting to our feature list.
Posted 19-04-2017 Post #90
maybe it could be toggled, like in space engineers... or a realistic battle type, and an arcade type?
Posted 20-04-2017 Post #91
We were thinking about the toggle actually. A button for inertial dampeners would be nice.
Posted 17-05-2017 Post #98
what about making a ship that is not realy a ship but a planet spider thing that can only jump to other planets and making the eadges of the map bounce you in case you mess up
the ship spider would be super tanky in health but have a rather weak weapon it would also only work in a friction less space environment for obvious reasons
Posted 20-05-2017 Post #99
Sounds fun but may be straying to far from what I want the game to be.

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