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German Campaign too easy for returning player's?

Posted 30-09-2018 Post #247
Hi, so earlier I was playing the German Campaign hard and I was able to win the war in exactly on the first turn. I lost 3 allies(we know the ai is skilled against itself) and I killed 24 units. If it is possible, would harsh or impossible levels or Campaign be created to combat the issue? I remember not plying the game for a while because the game was too early and the thing that brought me back was the playable Deutschland update.
Posted 30-09-2018 Post #249
Edit: I am a player from when you could only be the first plane and bomber, doubt the tank was playable when I started playing.
Posted 30-09-2018 Post #250
Yeah you are right, I will need to increase the difficulty for the German campaign. I tried to balance it a bit but it looks like it wasn't enough!
Posted 24-12-2018 Post #262
This really needs to be balanced. As well as some additional fixes to flak spawns and German tanks going the opposite direction.

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