Forums Pocket Squadron would a WW2 pocket squadron good idea or not?

would a WW2 pocket squadron good idea or not?

Posted 04-07-2018 Post #236
I'm not sure what it'll be like but i really wish that there could be a WW2 version of Pocket Squadrons as a different app. WW1 was great and really want to see what bombsight games could do with WW2 planes! It might be too much to ask but i'll be really happy if you make it! :)
(and i'll buy the purchase on it too!)
Posted 04-07-2018 Post #237
I just can't figure out what the plane in my picture is. If you recognize it please can you tell me!
Posted 31-07-2018 Post #238
Hello! We have been thinking about making Pocket Squadron 2 actually, I would love to see it in WW2 myself!

Also the plane in your profile picture looks like a Sopwith Camel but I'm not entirely sure.

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