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Posted 04-10-2017 Post #155
I wish there were foot soldiers! I think there should be infantry and trenches, you can play as one of the infantry, tanks or planes. Also, I have no idea hoe to get to the secret level.
Posted 06-10-2017 Post #156
I do like the idea of infantry, I'm just worry it will slow down the game too much. Too many things in the battle at once will mess with performance. Though we may try it one day. Also the secret level is a secret! :) But I will give a hint, it is accessible through the main menu.
Posted 02-07-2018 Post #233
wish there are more german planes to fight aginst, each with different weaknesses and strengths. THen we can fight aginst a bigger varity of planes and it'll be AWSOME (well, it already is) Also could there be a online campaign mode where you can fight friends or other peolple. But great game, ps. Please keep the great work up! :)

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