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Posted 01-10-2017 Post #146
Leave your tips and strategies on this thread!
Posted 01-10-2017 Post #147
The flaber strategy

Do you need more kills, are you looking forward to getting that beautiful SPAD fighter plane? Well this is the strategy for you!

*What is the 'flaber' strategy?*

You might be wondering: "What the hell is a flaber strategy?" Well, the flaber strategy is 2 words together, flak and bomber equals flaber!

*OK, but what IS a flaber strategy?*

A flaber strategy is.. Well, a strategy where you create a custom scenario where the enemy has a lot of flaks and you driving a bomber, your bomber then destroys all the flaks for kills, so you can get the spad fighter plane, or something else!

*Now im going to tell you in detail how this strategy works!*

1. Create a custom scenario
2. Put 1 bomber on your team
3. Put a big amount of flaks on the enemy team
4. Start the battle
5. Now that the battle has started, go very high with your bomber plane, so you don't get hit by the flaks.
6. Now you can see red arrows, right? When a red arrow is right under your planes wheel release a bomb!
7. Now do this every time until you win the battle, don't worry about the flaks that are coming down from the sky, as long as you're under the flying flaks your machine guns will take care of 'em.

This method will get you lots of kills, depending on how many flaks you put on the enemy team.

Thanks for reading!
Posted 01-10-2017 Post #150
I never thought about this, pretty neat you figured it out haha. I will have to make the flaks shoot higher! ;)
Posted 02-10-2017 Post #151
Haha, always a pleasure!
Posted 05-03-2018 Post #192
[b]Tutorial:[/b] The best way to take out bombers!
(with airplane)

As you know bombers can drop bombs underneath them
but above him he has DEADLY machine guns. They almost cannot miss.
This tutorial will show you how to destroy a lot of bombers on
your own!

[u]Step 1:[/u]
Get underneath the bomber(s).
[u]Step 2:[/u]
Now you have to shoot, watch out since you'll have to aim up but
you have to stay low. So while shooting you should take a break to stay underneath
Here you can see a good example, if you are in a similair position you
should get lower again.

[u]step 3:[/u]

Planes are faster as bombers so at some point
you'll be in front of the bomber. What to do now?
If you try to turn down the chance that you will hit the ground is high.
So you will have to turn up but you have to do it quick. Planes have no colliders in this game so you can go through the bomber to get low faster.
like you can see here:
The planes can move through eachother.

[u]step 3:[/u]
This step is optional since if there is only one bomber
you'll most likely have already taken him down before reaching
the edge of the map.

As you reach the edge you'll turn around automatically.
You'll most likely be faster than the bomber(s) than since you start from an equal position. So than you should do the same as explained in step 3.

That was it maybe I'll make a tutorial on how to play with tank in the future.
Give me your opinions on this tutorial.

Woeski The Husky
Bombsight Games
Posted 26-03-2018 Post #200
Start shooting early by using the arrow as an iron sight. By the time you get there, the engines are all screwed and they turn slow and get taken down in 2 hits. Regularly get 60 kills in survival mode with this strategy.
Posted 30-09-2018 Post #248
Nice strategies! With the new update, a cool strategy to get German planes is to spam bombers and be a single fighter. It may sound dumb as they are op but if you stay below, you can get lots of kills. It's a great way to get lots of kills fast. Also this is somewhat better than the flabber idea, to me, because you can get relatively close and at the right angle, they are flying bricks that are defenseless. A good plane to be is the spad as it is slow, deadly guns, and good armor. Literally everything a plane needs to kill a bomber.
Posted 24-12-2018 Post #263
Yes but it's really only good against bomber sometimes. The guns are slow and the maneuver ability is really bad. Which I dont like.

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