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Space Junk Ideas/Suggestions Thread

Posted 24-10-2015 Post #7
Thread for discussing new ideas/suggestions for the game.

Any bugs should not be posted here but through the bug report form in game or the Contact page.
Posted 24-10-2015 Post #8
Really liking the game so far. The ship movement could of course be smoother but i'm sure that'll be taken care of in the near future. A capture the flag mode would be fun in this game. There could also be alliances and such and possibly a tournament mode where alliances could go against each other.
Posted 24-10-2015 Post #11
Glad you like the game. Still a lot we have to work on.

By the ship movement do you mean lag issues or actual ship controls?

We also plan for CTF gamemode, as well as some others. The alliance idea seems cool as well.
Posted 24-10-2015 Post #12
I'm talking about the smoothness, or rather "handling" of the ship. But I understand nothing is truly polished in this early stage of the game.

Also, touching on the Tournament aspect of the game, I was thinking that in this mode certain players would be assigned certain roles. Engineers to fix constructions that have been damaged, etc.
Posted 25-10-2015 Post #13
Ah I see.

The roles/ship class idea is something we also have planned so we could incorporate that into the tournaments if we do something like that. We have only thought of 3 classes right now though they are Fighter, Bomber, and Engineer.


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