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Posted 13-09-2017 Post #141
After suffering a heartbreaking defeat in survival, the restart buttons dont seem to be working. This happens everytime on galaxy tab 3.

How to reproduce:
Start survival
Crash or get shoot down
Hit replay
Opun hitting medium difficulty nothing happens
Posted 15-09-2017 Post #142
Hey thanks for letting us know! Will look into this for the next update.
Posted 02-11-2017 Post #167
I find a bug the achievement dangit because the counter of assist is not effectiv
Sorry for the orthograph i m french^^
Posted 10-11-2017 Post #171
I noticed that when the bomber isn't flying straight, the guns don't turn with it. please fix this, as it is a small annoyance when I dogfight in my bomber(I am an expert at it, if I do say so myself.) Thanks!
Posted 10-11-2017 Post #172
Hey thanks for letting us know, I will look into it for the next update.
Posted 20-01-2018 Post #181
First, incredible game. Simple but with enough depth and challenge to keep it interesting and great artwork that feels perfect for the game.
I have found a bug in the campaign though; in build mode when you select a location and then quickly (0-2 sec) buy a unit it charges you without adding the unit.
Posted 02-07-2018 Post #232
When I retry on survival mode, it crashes the game! But other than that, love it

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