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Ideas to improve the game

Posted 06-09-2017 Post #138
Storm the beach
Posted 06-09-2017 Post #139
Here is my ideas:
1.New maps:
-a pacific island beach
-an beach which looks like the ww1 no man's land with trenches.

2.Custom game

3.Weather add and water and wave physic

-two bunkers behind the great bunker
(like in clash royale)
-barbed wire
-belgian gates
-log posts
-log ramps
that we can place on the beach before the next wave

5-A saving button
Posted 06-09-2017 Post #140
This game is original and addictive and even i know all the stuff in the game i want to play but i wont lie i could not play this game all time:

So theres my ideas they are an add for the one i let:

-a new scenario:
In this scenario the country we defended has been invaded and now an allie country want to help him and BAM!,now we play as the invaders.
But the question is how you can make it look like the original scenario?

In the scenario you are a private who invades the beach with his batalion and he must shoot down the foes who come to kill them with and destroy the defenses.

Some details:
2-We dont have bunkers but a private loe down who is ready to shoot.
3-The system of purchase is a little changed for the invaders.
4-When we buy an mortars or you can see the guy who shoot next to the private that you control
5-Now we can buy new units:
they will help you
6-instead of an mortar shot
you have and grenade throw when you tap on the screen
and when you double tap you can make an bazooka shot.
7-Play as the invaders is a little more hard

If you dont understand nothing ask me.
I know how hard it can be to make a game i already try (i never finish it) and when i watch little game like this with the developers who ask us ideas to improve it,i'm happy.
If it's too much say it because i dont want to make you work on that so much.
Posted 27-09-2017 Post #143

We are happy to get any ideas from anyone no matter what they are. Any feedback at all is better than none. Though we haven't had time to update our games recently I'll keep these in mind when we start development again. I'm glad you like the game enough to give us ideas, thank you. :)
Posted 27-09-2018 Post #246
How about a mode when you send an army back against the invaders instead of shooting them from a bunker?

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