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An Update? Small Patch? Anything just to make this game Refresh

Posted 11-07-2017 Post #123
Its been a Year now and now news about 2017 Pocket Squadron Update,
Its starting to get boring, I'm done completing everything, there has to be a New Update,
come on Devs, don't make this Master piece be the end of its life and remain as a Relic from the past,
Pls just update the game, i don't care even its a small update, it just needs a new Fresh start again!
Posted 11-07-2017 Post #124
I'm sorry it has been so long we just haven't had much time. We both have full time jobs and can only do this as a hobby right now. We haven't abandoned the game though just haven't had time to work. The next update we do will have German levels you can play and new planes for both sides. I'm not sure when it will be ready but I will of course be sure to let everyone know!
Posted 10-12-2017 Post #174
Hi just curious when the new update will come out
Posted 27-12-2017 Post #175
Not sure as we have been very busy. Sorry for everyone that has been waiting, I wish I had more time.
Posted 27-09-2018 Post #245
Can you make it where your team (and the enemies) spawn different types of planes/units randomly (the ones you have) and also maybe that planes/units temporarily retreat when almost dead and heal if you don't chase them down?

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