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Posted 11-06-2017 Post #110
I was playing a round, and there were two bots, one on my team (blue) and one on the red team. It was on across the way when i noticed a bot flying across the map through planets with the spawn shield on.
Posted 11-06-2017 Post #111
Some other bugs I noticed are when I land one of my ships on the landing pad it gives it extra health [img][/img]

If you fullscreen the game with F11 the map disappears.

And here's the picture of the ghost bot.
I had to catch the pictures with snipping tool so I only caught the bot once it was about to leave the map.
I'm using Google Chrome.
Posted 11-06-2017 Post #112
Other than that, and the scarcity of there being other people, I'm really loving this game
Posted 11-06-2017 Post #113
Hey glad you like the game! We still have a good many bugs to figure out, glad you let us know about this. Really helps that you have screenshots as well. I think I know what I need to do to fix those.

Also sorry about the lack of players, we have been focusing more on developing the game and fixing bugs. I think once we add more features, gamemodes, and fix bugs there will be more players. I notice a lot of people are on around 12 PM EST for some reason though.
Posted 14-04-2018 Post #203
PLEASSSSEEEEE MAKE IT SO MATCHES DONT KEEP ENDING LIKE 4 SECONDS IN... alsao make a like button to close the end game menu and stuff

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