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Big update idea

Posted 31-05-2017 Post #103
Two things that I would love to get added:
-make the campaign "world wide" not only europe
-make a local/online campaign, scenario, co-op levels

Guys I love your game, I bought the two packs so keep the good work up!!

Posted 31-05-2017 Post #106
We do want to make a bigger campaign, also add different campaign maps all together. I'm not sure if it will be world wide or not but it is a good idea.

Also I would love to do a multiplayer mode but it will be a lot of work and I don't think we have the man power, it might happen one day if I ever make enough money with this to quit my job.

Glad you like the game and thank you for supporting us! :)
Posted 01-06-2017 Post #108
Can you say how much would cost? Because I have absolutly no idea..
Posted 01-06-2017 Post #109
I can't say for sure, multiplayer would take a long time to implement and we would have to pay for servers that would handle all of the players. Plus there could be issues where the server breaks and people are mad at me but I can't fix it because I have another job I have to be at. So for now I feel better adding new features that I know I can do by myself.
Posted 02-03-2018 Post #189
I understand you, but to be honest multiplayer is all I really want, maybe some new units and stuff too but online would be so amazing.
Posted 26-01-2019 Post #266
could you mabe add some fights over seas and war boats plz

also what is the name of the music

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