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Ideas to make pocket squadron be more fun and improve it.

Posted 12-02-2017 Post #55
-Why not add a multiplayer mode.
-It means make Central powers playable.
-Add historical paints (skins) for aircrafts and units.
-I know you will add more planes.
-Add a virtual money like war tickets?
-Add new maps will be immersive, maps like:London,Berlin (the both war commanders wanted to bomb capitals , I think).Italian front.

Sorry,if I wrote so much.
Posted 13-02-2017 Post #57
-I think that planes you have unlocked should spawn in battle automatically but automatically, rather than the Sopwith Camel and Vickers Vimy being the default AI.
-Even if you cannot control the Central Powers, different enemy planes would make it more diverse.
-Objective missions would be cool. For example, in order to win, there's five building you have to destroy or something like that.
-Also, being able to choose to be another vehicle after you die would be good because being a tank and not having any bombers on the enemy team makes it boring because it can take a while for the fighters to kill you and once they do, there's a chance of you going to another tank.
-One last thing, I'm sorry for putting so much, I would pay to get planes if there was one "premium" price for all planes rather than different bundles you have to pay for.

I hope this all makes sense. It is a very well made, fun, and amazing game!(: Thank you!(:
Posted 15-02-2017 Post #59
I honestly want multiplayer mode, it would be awesome! It is unfortunately a lot of work though and I am only one guy. We do want to make more maps too.

I like the idea of having other planes spawn in other than the standard plane, I don't know why I didn't think of that. We do want to make it where you can control the Central Powers at some point in the future too and I imagine we would make new planes for them as well.

I think the ability to choose another vehicle when you die is a good idea, I hate becoming a tank when there are only really planes left to fight. I also like the objectives idea, I wouldn't mind making more levels with something to achieve instead of just killing everything.

Thank you so much for your feedback by the way I am very glad you like the game! :)
Posted 21-02-2017 Post #64
What if we had scenarios in the background like Berlin, Paris and London? Berlin would have Bradenburg Gates, Paris the Eifell Tower and London would have the Big Ben.
I know it's not a big idea, but I think it would be more detailed for the game
Posted 22-02-2017 Post #68
We thought about adding city levels and stuff, but that would have taken more time to release the Campaign mode update and we wanted to get it out ASAP. We are still thinking about city levels though.
Posted 22-02-2017 Post #69
I've got an idea for a new game mode.
Could you say me what you think on, and if l can post new idea like this because I've got a lot of ideas.

The photo taking
The goal of the missions is to take photo(s) in different ennemy zone in the map.
You must bring the photo(s) behind your lines to win.
If you got shot down you must restart all.
The map is verry large.
To take photos you must fly the zone and keep the plane right.
It take 7 seconds to take a photo.
In the mode you can use until 3 squadron of 3
(or 5 )planes.

I hope an update because I finished the game.:'(
Thanks for reading my posts.
Still make good job.
Posted 23-02-2017 Post #70
That is a cool idea, would make for an interesting level. I think we may make this a few levels at some point. Thank you again for your ideas!

I'm not sure when our next update will be but I really want to make new levels a priority.
Posted 30-04-2017 Post #94
So before the suggestion i wanted to say a big thanks to the developer for the awesome game that is Pocket Squadron. The play time isn't too big as i finished the game in 2 days but its still a very good time killer because of the survival mode. Instead of suggesting obvious stuff like: add more maps, add multiplayer (which would be incredibly awesome by the way) and new planes; i can suggest this:
-making the campaign map bigger
-adding more factions
-make Germans playable (i guess that's pretty obvious too)
-maybe being able to attack one spot from two different spots if they are not more then one move away? (it would be good in situations when you need to attack one spot but you have (for example) 2 bombers and 3 fighters on one spot and on a nearby spot you have another 2 fighters but you already moved them)
-though i said it was obvious about the planes but adding more unlockable planes would be very good, especially bombers. Though i understand that you need money for development so that is why there's quite a few planes you need to buy.

Again big thank you for the game :)
Posted 03-05-2017 Post #95
Thank you, glad you like the game! Also thank you for the ideas as well, we are glad to get any feedback we can. We plan to add more stuff soon. :)
Posted 21-05-2017 Post #100
I couldn't write this days ago but i come back with a lot of new ideas:

Ace bonus
According to your faction you will receive an famous ace that you can control.(I was inspired of the bonus of star wars battlefront wich make you have heroes or vehicles).
Aces have unique ability(ies),(like: a faster plane,buffed machine guns,skies tricks...

For the Allies we could have:
-Albert Ball
-James McCudden
-Georges Guynemer
-René Fonck

For the Central powers we could have:
-Werner Voss
-Manfred Von Richtofen
-Erich Löwenhardt
-Ernst Udet

But it must be have rules
-the ace don't die when the ace take to much bullet he just goes out of the map
(he will not be in the map.
When he will quit the map we just return to our simple plane), (the same system like star wars battlefront when a hero is beaten)
-the ace bonus can appear anywhere in the map but it disapear fastly (45 seconds less or more)
-you cannot have two ace in the map even if its your friend or your foe.that's not possible.

I hope you understand what i mean. Say me if my idea is cool or not, and if you want new levels ideas,planes...
Posted 22-05-2017 Post #101
That is a cool idea, I like it. I loved that in Battlefront, one of my favorite things in that game. We are always glad to hear new ideas anyone may have.
Posted 23-05-2017 Post #102
I've got an idea for a new game mode:
This game would name it:
Condolences(or a stuff like this):
The goal of the game is to drop a crown flower on the funerals of an ennemy aviator(anywhere on the map).
It seems easy,but you have to dodge the ennemy s(ennemy plane,flakfire...)
And the challenge in this mode is to not shotdown any ennemy,or to try,for the respect of the fallen one.
_the map must be verry large.

I've see that in documents,when an ennemy pilot was killed,the one who shoted him down went on the funerals with his squadron and drop a flower crown as a sign of respect for the fallen one.According for each pilot the way to do that was different.
I think it's a good way to see the fight but i find it a little weird.
Posted 31-05-2017 Post #107
I like your gamemode ideas, you are very creative. That would be a neat idea I'm just not sure if we could make it fun. We may do some testing one day once we get the other stuff we want implemented, anyways thank you for all of your ideas anything we get is great.
Posted 11-06-2017 Post #114
Some harder scenarios:
Balloon parade
1 fighter vs 6 balloon

Bomber take down
1 fighter vs 6 bombers

Ground war
3 tanks vs 12 tanks

Posted 15-06-2017 Post #115
First: the game is great! Very nice control, fun and more fun!
Suggestions: major problem is the long term, how to keep players in?

I guess that the key improvements could be made on the survival part of the game.
I'm throwing in some ideas, easier and harder ones.
1 - the logic behind the powerups spawn are not clear: pilots cannot program any tactic there
2 - repair powerup could repair all the alive planes in easy, and only the piloted (as it is now in hard)
3 - You already have the in game value for the campaign. Why don't you get a certain amount of money from the survival kills:
x for a plane
y for a bombardier
z for a baloon
And you can purchase wingmans, bombardiers, tanks, bases, artilleries and such with the earned money OR you can purchase it via IAP.

On top of that I would suggest to have some speed/guns/health/agility graphical sheets to represent the performance of the different planes, people would love them!
And lastly, let us use the german planes ;)
Posted 16-06-2017 Post #116
Glad you like the game! :) Thank you for the suggestions. There are definitely more things we want to add to keep players interested in the game. Right now we are working on adding more levels, new planes, and making the Germans playable. The Germans will also get new planes and we want to make new enemies too. I should post some screenshots soon.

We are also thinking about a level editor where people could make their own levels and share them, but that may be later down the road.
Posted 19-06-2017 Post #118
I know what the problem is with multiplayer, but what is the game with local multiplayer, can't you design the game so that our devices are the host?
Posted 20-06-2017 Post #121
We can do that but we will still have to have a server that can let other players know that they are hosting is the problem. I have considered adding multiplayer though we might be able to do it, but it would be a while from now.
Posted 20-07-2017 Post #125
I think we could add a Wright Milittarrrrry
Aeroplane ()))) I think it would be a little slower and a little less agile than Airco DH2, it will also fire cannon shells
Posted 13-08-2017 Post #126

1. City Environments

2. Zeppelins?

3. Pass and Play multiplayer-would be pretty much the exact same as the campaign except one person would play as the Germans and you would both take turns.

4. Paintjobs as an IAP maybe?

5. An option to spectate. Instead of having to control a tank/plane you could just watch the battle play out.(I think it would be cool for custom scenarios)

6. Kill confirmed- When a plane gets destroyed they'll drop a dog tag. If a friendly plane flies over it then the plane that was destroyed respawns.But if an enemy takes it then it can't respawn.(These could maybe be in the "Levels" mode)

7. Escort- You have to protect a truck carrying a nuke/bomb that has to make it to the enemy HQ. If the truck gets destroyed its game over.If it makes it to the HQ, you win.(could also be added to the Levels mode)

8. Weather effects and day/night- Maybe you could make it so there's a random chance for a map to be night or day and have a weather effect(like rain or snow).

9. Wave and currency system for Survival mode- Instead of planes endlessly spawning in,there would be waves. For example; Wave 1 would have 3 fighters.Wave 2 would be 5 fighters.Wave 3 would be 3 fighters,2 balloons and a flak cannon etc etc. At the end of each wave you would get Money for how many kills you got and a bonus for completing the wave without taking damage. You could then spend the money on things like repairing your plane, wingman,bombers etc.

10. Powerup idea- Rapid Fire, doubles your fire rate for 15/10 seconds.

Great game btw!!
Posted 20-08-2017 Post #127
I really like all of those ideas. We are really considering implementing a few of them when ever we get the chance to work on the game more. Thank you and glad you like the game! :)
Posted 30-09-2017 Post #144
I would love to see an running kill count. I was totally surprised when hit my record. Also, a hit point count, even a simple numeric count would be great.
Posted 01-10-2017 Post #148
That's not a bad idea, I'll add that in the next update I think.
Posted 02-10-2017 Post #153
In my opinion, the fact that you can't tell how many hitpoints you have adds to the immersion. In war you can't just simply see how much health your plane has, you had to judge by if your plane was burning and/or smoking. But a HP system and kill count would be VERY sweet.
Posted 13-10-2017 Post #162
I have a new idea that could change the gameplay.

I was inspired of star wars battlefront's starcards.
But i transformed it to be more in pocket squadron's way.
I dont know how to name this so i will call it card.

-Good sight:+2or3 damages.

-Double machinegun: double damage. It makes more damages than good sight BUT IF YOU USE IT TOO LONG (3seconds) IT COULD SET FIRE TO YOUR PLANE.

-Good fabricant: more HP

-Ammos in fire: if you touched an ennemy plane with it 5 times he will burn. (2or4 seconds).

My gunner is a sniper: the gunner is a sniper specially for bombers and two places aircraft.
It can be effective but you must keep your plane right.

It was for the passives cards, now this is time for maneuvers cards

The maneuvers make us a little animation, if you are attack by multiple planes it can make you dodge 30% of the ennemy fire and you can take a little superiority on the ennemy. To prevent the spam of maneuvers i create a rules: IF YOU SPAM YOUR PLANE CAN BE DAMAGED OR DESTRUCT.

here is some interesting maneuvers:
The spin
The side-slide (i love this one)
The split S (i think we can a little do this).

Thats all for the passives and maneuvers card.

Maybe it could seems like bonuses but i wanted to make this stuffs be more personal.
You choose your plane but after you can choose one cards (only one) passives or maneuvers that can give more action and suspense.
And with this card you dont have just a plane, but a card who can change the turn of the game.
Posted 13-10-2017 Post #163
I have listened to a old war song: The sailors life for me.
It's not bad at all,I love it.
If you want you could make it be in game.
Posted 03-01-2018 Post #176
I think therse should be a red barron boss and some different german planes. There should also be more ground vehicals and I think the bunkers should have machine guns to shot at ground vehicals
Posted 28-02-2018 Post #188
For starters switching between units anytime NOT JUST WHEN YOU DIE. Control of any unit on your side i noticed you can't control blimps,trucks,flak. Playing as the germans could be fun. But the best would. Be to control Naval ships and shoot at air craft.
Posted 02-03-2018 Post #190
Playing as a flak wouldn't be a lot of fun I think.
Posted 02-03-2018 Post #191
But I read somewhere that you could add a [b]campaign mode[/b] but than with [b]2 player turns[/b], I play this game very often with my friends and it would be very fun to have 2 player turns so I can pass my phone to my friend when it's his turn. So we can play against eachother.

So multiplayer without servers. I think this would be pretty easy to implement since you've already done all the work.
Posted 21-03-2018 Post #196

Maybe being able to control the flak would be a cool feature, and this idea will go hand in hand with the idea for being able to choose what you want to be after you die

[b]When you control the flak, i think you should be able to see farther and the controls would be like the tanks[/b]
, where you tap where you want to shoot except without bullet drop

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