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How to find secret mission?

Posted 11-02-2017 Post #51
When I finished the all the levels, I earned an achievement. The description of the achievement said this:

"Complete all the levels in the game, other than the [u]secret one[/u]"

How to find it?
Posted 11-02-2017 Post #52
I can't tell you, its a secret! :)

I will say that to get to it you must press the buttons on the very beginning of the main menu in a certain way. The level is nothing too amazing though, just a little fun we had when making the game.
Posted 27-02-2017 Post #71

Just found the secret level and boy is it not spicy


Posted 27-02-2017 Post #72
Hahaha I said it was nothing special, just something we added for fun.
Posted 03-03-2017 Post #74
I don't know if this is allowed, but I did find the secret level, and here is a link of me playing it
Posted 04-03-2017 Post #76
Its fine with me, glad you managed to find it. And yes that is us in the level haha.
Posted 02-11-2017 Post #166
Please give me another clues for find the secret level
Sorry for the orthograph i m french^^ nO
Posted 02-11-2017 Post #168
Finaly i find the secret level^^
Posted 28-03-2018 Post #201
Can I have a hint in what bottons to press.
Posted 02-04-2018 Post #202
I figured it out you press the play botton and the about botton at the same time ps nice ears
Posted 23-04-2018 Post #204
Found it! You just press "play" and "about" at the same time

PS: u have nice ears bruh

- uhaveniceearsbruh
Posted 02-07-2018 Post #235
I love how your face changes when you die! :) (I meant in the game)
Posted 22-09-2018 Post #244
I was hoping for some kind of boss to shoe up. But it was just 2 fat guys pooping grenades in their asses. But still, I got the achievement. That's what matters

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