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New unit ideas for pocket squadron!

Posted 28-01-2017 Post #45
Any ideas? POST IT!
Posted 28-01-2017 Post #46
Personally, I believe that we could use new planes of course, only one is unlockable. And soldiers! Minimal damage, hp, or really anything. Ballons and flaks should be controllable. Other opinions?
Posted 28-01-2017 Post #47
Hey you are in luck, we just released an update yesterday that adds four new planes. Two are paid and two are unlockable. We are totally open to new ideas. :) We will be adding more planes in the future too. I have seen people mention soldiers but I am afraid that too many will be laggy on bad phones but I might try it one day. Also I don't know if we want to make balloons or flak controllable because they may not be fun, I would rather spend time on something else that is even cooler and new.
Posted 30-01-2017 Post #48
Taken from the official thread: Hey,I have a few suggestions for planes and such.
How about skins for planes you can earn E.G Wings of Horus skin for the Sopwith camel. Perhaps 1000 kills could earn you that specific skin. Also skins could add stats to your aircraft E.G bolster your health... Just an idea. I also had a list of planes that I think should be added, cost and the aircrafts strengths and weaknesses.


Se5A: Very agile and quick but poorly armed. Same health as the Sopwith camel. 250 kills.
Spad.S. VII: Slow and heavy but with good guns and health. 400 kills.
Nieuport 17: Fast and good guns but lacks agility and health. 650 kills.
Sopwith Tripehound: A more agile variant of the Camel with the exact same health speed and guns. Either 2000 kills or 2 USD.
Dh.4: Has a rear gunner and a low damage foward firing gun. A little faster then the Vickers but easier to take down. 500 bombed targets (Yes, I think that ground targets and air targets should have different worths. This prevents take farming on Custom scenario to get high tier fighters.)

First off I think you should be able to play as the Germans. Maybe you could unlock them after 1000 kills in an Allied aircraft. Also have Allied kills only unlock Allied aircraft. Secondly, add these aircraft into the levels please :)

Fokker E.III: Super agile but quite slow and easy to kill. Same firepower as the DR.I. 250 kills

Albatross D.III: Fast and high health. Otherwise same stats as the DR.I. 400 kills
Fokker D.VII: Lacks agility but it makes up for it in raw firepower. 650 kills

Siemens schuckert: Fastest plane in the game with high firepower too. 2000 kills or 2 USD.

I do believe that if you do add more tanks they should all cost money. Getting kills against tanks in tanks is hard.

Mark I. Weaker armour them the mark V but faster.

Renault FT-17. Smaller then both Allied tanks, therefore harder to hit. Also it is much faster then all the other tanks due to it light armour.

As of now, I think new german bombers and 2 seaters could also be added, but I am not entirely sure what role a two seater would serve. Perhaps as a heavy fighter?
Posted 06-02-2017 Post #49
I really wanna see a Zeppelin to be added and also wanna play as the German faction,
and another thing I don't like is that they minimize the Enemy and Ally entering the battlefield when in custom gamemode (in the previous version adding 12 plane and bomber will add 12 fighters and bombers in the battlefield) but now only 6 fighters and 3 bombers are limited and another 6/3 batch entering again, I want the old custom gamemode back.
Posted 10-02-2017 Post #50
I like the Zeppelin idea, and I do want to see the Germans as a playable faction. I think we are planning to do that in a future update.

Also sorry about the custom scenario issue, people complain about the lag so I had to make the units come in waves instead of all at once.
Posted 12-02-2017 Post #53
It will be interesting if we could play new units like:
-DCA with machine guns
-Makeshift flaks(at the begining of anti aerial defense)
-Armoured cars
-Tanks Mark I
-Tank Mark V female
I've got many ideas to make the game be more fun.Can I say it now?
Posted 12-02-2017 Post #54
Sure feel free to post any ideas here or contact us. Also we do need more vehicles, an armored car is actually planned already too!
Posted 13-02-2017 Post #56
I've got new units and ideas:
-Balloons with guns or riffles.
Why not fix balloons?
Air and sea battles?
-Seaplanes(like the Felixstowe f.2) it will be funny to fly, take of,of the water or land on.
Posted 15-02-2017 Post #58
I like the idea of sea based stuff. We have been thinking about that for a while. Also what do you mean by fix balloons?
Posted 21-02-2017 Post #65
I have some new ideas for not really units, but bosses.
For example, a Zeppelin (ik ppl already said it)
The big bertha, a dreadnought or maybe a landcruiser?
I already sent an e mail, I don't know if you read it or not, but there are some more ideas there.
Keep up the good work!
Posted 21-02-2017 Post #66
Thank you for the answers.
And sorry if I take much time to answer.

When I said fix the balloons
I wanted to say don't make it moove. (the balloons were tie to the ground).
But we could place it where we want on the map same things for flak. It's just an idea.
It's disturbing:
to see the balloon moove. I don't think they used this kind of balloons. Say me if I'm wrong.
And (more to see) the flaks drop in parachutes from the skies.

But it's just a personal opinion to make the game more real.
But you made good job.
Posted 22-02-2017 Post #67

Bosses are a good idea, I really want to do a Zeppelin fight. Also I did get your email and just replied.


Ah that makes sense. I am aware the balloons didn't move and the flak didn't drop from parachutes, it is a bit odd they do that. But we wanted to make balloons more of a challenge and more fun since it is a game. I also wasn't sure of a way to have flak come in with out just appearing magically.

Placing units for a battle sounds like a good idea, we might add something like that.

Thank you both for playing the game and having fun! :)
Posted 08-03-2017 Post #79
Instead of parachuting flak, maybe army trucks towing them into place?

Also with the trucks and armored cars added maybe you can add missions where the objective is to do a bombing run on enemy convoys!

And I'd love to see bombs have physics and not fall just downwards. Hope my English was good enough.

Have a good day!
Posted 10-03-2017 Post #80
I like the idea of towing them into place, though now I may be to lazy to change it. :)

Also convoy bombing is a good idea, would make for a great mission.

And your English is great!
Posted 09-04-2017 Post #89
I think that power ups would be great in custom scenarios, getting reinforcements at the last second, just barely winning the game! That just sounds like a lot of funny for me!
Some new unlockable planes would be fun too.
Posted 29-08-2017 Post #135
You guys should maybe create a ww11 version of this game that would be fun an with bombers an fighters
Posted 01-10-2017 Post #145
So I was thinking about some new ideas for Pocket Squadron, one of my favourite plane games in a while, maybe you guys should add sea maps? I know the game is mostly about planes but a sea battle update would be awesome, so here are the units I recommend (I dunno if the HMS means fleet so don't judge me)


Nr 1: HMS Vanquisher
Nr 2: HMS Iron Duke
Nr 3: HMS Lion
Nr 4: HMS Shark
Nr 5: HMS Engadine (Aircraft carrier)

That's all for now, you should add the Ottoman Empire in the campaign too good luck.
Posted 01-10-2017 Post #149
We have been thinking about sea levels for a while now, I think it would be awesome. Thanks for the suggestion. :)
Posted 02-10-2017 Post #152
No problem-o!
Posted 02-10-2017 Post #154

I know this isn't a unit, but I would really like some new maps, so here are some ideas:

It would be very sweet if there was a trench map. In the trenches soldiers hide and they stay there forever. In the custom scenario you can choose what soldiers are hiding in the trenches and you can choose where to put the trenches. I've made a list for all the trench soldiers:

Machine gunner (shoots down tanks)
Sniper (shoots nearby bombers and fighter planes, very small chance to shoot and kill the pilot)
Flamer (protects the other trench soldiers from enemy soldiers)
Healer (heals friendly soldiers, uses a pistol to kill enemy soldiers)
Engineer (repairs tanks, wields a shotgun)
Jockey (rides a horse, uses a sword. Can't hide in trenches, can be easily run over a tank)

The enemy and friendly soldiers will move to the next trench whenever the trench infront of them is not being attacked and if it has room, the friendly soldiers will start taking over trenches and start killing soldiers in the enemy trenches, each trench holds 3 soldiers. That's all I have, but you might be asking: "But how do tanks get over friendly trenches?' Well its simple, while the friendly tank crosses the friendly trench the soldiers inside the trench put their heads and guns down so they don't get crushed, the exact same happens with enemy tanks and friendly tanks crossing enemy trenches.


It'd be very immersive to add cities like London, Paris and Berlin. I'm not gonna go into detail about
all of this because I'm really tired.

Thanks for reading.
Posted 06-10-2017 Post #157
Love the ideas, we have been thinking about trenches and city levels actually! Also a lot of suggestions for soldiers but I am a bit worried they may slow down phones. It would be awesome to see some horsemen though!
Posted 07-10-2017 Post #158
Heh, no problem!
Posted 07-10-2017 Post #159
Oh, and a minimal of the entire map would be cool too.
Posted 10-10-2017 Post #160
Why dont u add
A infintary
A Base-here infintary comes out-
The infintary is used for fighting tanks but there are 10X mens in 1 infintary which includes bazooka man and 38cal.mens
Posted 10-10-2017 Post #161
But only in some missions like Tank v. Tank +Infintary -excluding planes and flak and baloons-
Posted 13-10-2017 Post #164
I thinked about a new ground units the side-car:

-Verry weak

-Verry faster: the most faster ground unit

But has got a lot of weapons:

-machinegun(300ammos) (can shoot in little distance)

-grenades (3) that we can throw as the angry birds' system (not obligated)

-mines(3) that we can drop.

The problem with this unit: we must reload your side car with ammunitions so you must use well the weapons.
To reload your side-car you must always go out of the map.

It would be a verry dangerous unit for tanks.

If you decide to make this idea I think you should extend the size of the tank because the side-car will be weird if it makes the same size as the tank.
Posted 02-11-2017 Post #165
I have 3 ideas for bosses

1) hunting a mega-bomber. This could be either a historical bomber, or a fictional one that could do something wacky like deploy fighters.

2) an aircraft carrier which would have tougher flak cannons, and deploy fighters.

3) a heavily armed and armored mega balloon with 360 turrets and bombs.

I also have 5 ideas for new units

1) a new larger class of bomber that could have things like 360 turrets, a specialized air to ground turret, or paratroopers that would hunt ground targets for 10 - 30 seconds.
(only one for each team at a time / high altitude)

2) an airstrip that spawns fighters.

3) flak cannons on the back of moving trucks.

4) a 2 seat fighter with an armed passenger instead of a fixed gun. The passenger would operate like a fixed gun, only with aim assist and a lower firerate

5) a fighter which can chuck grenades out the front.  (At a faster rate than bombs)

I also have a few recommendations for improving custom senerios:

1) causing destroyed tanks, flak cannons, and balloons to despawn, as they are unusable in large scale due to the lag their accumulative wrecks create.

2) being able to customize which types of planes the AI on each team uses.

3) allowing for map size to be chosen

4) allowing placement of stationary units / balloons
Posted 26-03-2018 Post #199
Ilya muromets
Posted 06-09-2018 Post #240
Adding russian planes in pocket squadron will be a good idea.
Posted 06-09-2018 Post #241
Like the Lebed XII or the sikorsky ilya.
Posted 07-09-2018 Post #242
For bosses i think the lz1 zeppelin is a good idea

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