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Posted 23-12-2016 Post #36
I like the game .... BUT : The control is pretty bad , and it is like impossible to shoot enemys . The planets and the things u can build on it are cool , but the graphic isnt that good , and the game is lagging.
Posted 24-12-2016 Post #37
Hey, we are still working on the game so expect some bugs and issues. Thank you for letting us know though we will work on it. Our servers are also only located in the US so that could be a problem as well.
Posted 28-08-2017 Post #130
I know there is an engine boost but how to use it?
Posted 03-09-2017 Post #136
We actually haven't implemented the engine boost yet haha.
Posted 06-11-2017 Post #170
The game is not letting me log in. b WHY! /b

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