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How do i enter the marketplace if possible?

Posted 23-12-2016 Post #35
Whenever I go to the hanger to change my ship I noticed that a lot of weapons were not accessible I noticed that there was a marketplace to so I tried to enter and it won't let me. please tell me if this happens to anyone else and if not I would like instructions on how to use the marketplace
Posted 24-12-2016 Post #38
We haven't implemented them yet. This game is still a work in progress. We will be implementing them soon though along with the marketplace or somewhere to get parts.
Posted 17-01-2017 Post #43
Add lazers?
Posted 18-01-2017 Post #44
Heck yeah we are going to be adding lazers.
Posted 15-02-2017 Post #60
so how long will it take for this game to be updated?
Posted 17-02-2017 Post #61
It will probably be a while honestly, I have a day job unfortunately and have been very busy lately so don't expect anything anytime soon. :(
Posted 18-02-2017 Post #62
well until then ill be spreading the word and hopefully more than 0-1 person will be playing constantly
Posted 18-02-2017 Post #63
Cool, seems like most people are on around 12 PM Eastern Standard Time.
Posted 05-03-2017 Post #77
There are only two weapons! It feels like the update is taking [/b]forever!
Posted 06-03-2017 Post #78
Sorry it is taking so long, this is a hobby for us and I have a job and life. I'm hoping one day I will get more time to add stuff but I am not sure when that will be.
Posted 01-04-2017 Post #88
[b]Test for Bold text on the RocketBlitz Forum[/b]
Posted 27-08-2017 Post #129
Railguns?(Sinper gun)

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