Great News!

It's been a while, but I finally have some great news.

I'm quitting my job and I'm going to be working on Bombsight Games full time. Expect updates for Pocket Squadron,, and for a lot of new games to be released!

Also we have a new Discord server for Bombsight Games, join and talk to us directly!

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Development Updates

Pocket Squadron

Pocket Squadron has recently passed 150,000 total installs. I am very happy to see so many people enjoying our game!

Thank you to everyone who has given us ideas and feedback on how to make the game better, we will continue to listen to the players and add new features for as long as we can.

We hope to be releasing more content for Pocket Squadron soon, but I am unsure of when that will be happening. I will be posting progress on the forums as I can though.


RocketBlitz has had a surge in users due to being posted on various IO gaming sites. We have almost reached 5,000 registered users now, with most players being on around 12PM - 1PM EST.

We have more plans to add new weapons and parts. Along with networking improvements and bug fixes. These will take a while so don't count on any updates soon. (Maybe one day we won't have any other responsibilities...)

Pocket Squadron Update

Campaign mode has been released!

Our largest update since the release of Pocket Squadron is finally out. Tons of new content, bug fixes, and optimizations. Including two new fighters and a new bomber along with the ability to control tanks.

It has been a long wait but we have been working hard to get this out. We hope you enjoy playing as much as we did making it!

Development Updates

So it seems like Cargo Copter has been trashed, again. I love the concept but the prototypes we build just don't seem fun. We also tried making it into a game where you fight fires, but that wasn't very fun either.

So Cargo Copter is shelved for a while, possibly forever, while we work on other things. You can at least have this WIP screenshot to remember it by.

Speaking of other things, we are working on a large update for Pocket Squadron! Here is a short new feature list:

  • Campaign Mode is now implemented, it is a turn based strategy where you fight the battles with the units you build and command against the AI controlled Central Powers.
  • New free and paid planes with special abilities and different stats.
  • Ground vehicles now fight and tanks can be controlled by the player.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.

If you wish to follow the update progress check out the forum thread for Pocket Squadron.

We hope to release this update soon, happy flying pilots!

RocketBlitz Release

We finally decided to go ahead and release the Alpha version of RocketBlitz. While we have a ways to go with development, we are looking for any feedback we can get.

This is more of a "soft" release however so we aren't putting too much into marketing, just releasing it in a few places. For instance the Google Chrome Store.

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